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Agriculture LED Lighting: The Smarter Way For Your Business

Agriculture has often used technology to modify processes, from adding machinery to replacing manual labour to AI creation and application of fertilizer to increase yields. LED lights offer energy efficient ways of providing light to areas that require cultivation after the natural sunlight has gone. Whether the lighting is for field applications, or to provide illumination in a stable, barn or other yard location, LED’s are a powerful and consistent form of lighting.






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Why Invest In Agriculture LED Outdoor Lighting

Agriculture is a volatile industry, at the mercy of pricing beyond the control of the individual farm. Any method of reducing costs is going to help the bottom line, and this is where LED products excel; lower energy use equals money saved every month, on electricity costs. Not to mention the maintenance costs of LED are significantly lower than traditional lighting, and the lifespan is longer as well.


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Who Are We?

We provide our clients with customized products and value

Switch Lighting is committed to bringing our clients high-quality products and value, alongside personalized customer care. We can provide our clients with such a high standard of work thanks to our ability to directly access facilities that manufacture LED lights. With this foundation, we can design, develop and manufacture customized commercial LED lighting solutions strictly for your business requirements and requests. Our numbers, including customer served and money saved, highlight that our method works for various industries across Western Canada. When it comes to a team that has a history of excellence behind them, choose the experts at Switch Lighting.


What Makes Our Agriculture LED Lighting Solutions Stand Out?

Recently there has been a radical shift in agriculture, in which plants can be grown commercially without a single sunbeam. Many technological advances have made this possible, but none more so than innovations in LED lighting. After all, what is sunlight from a plant’s perspective, other than a bunch of photons. Diode lights work by passing a current between semiconductors. Compared with other forms of electrical illumination, light-emitting diodes use less energy, give off little heat and can be manipulated to optimize plant growth. In agricultural applications, LED lights are used in ways that seem to border on alchemy, changing how plants grow, when they flower, how they taste and even their levels of vitamins and antioxidants. The lights can also prolong their shelf life.

Frequently Asked

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor agriculture LED lights?
While there are no major differences between the lights, there is a substantial difference in the quality of the casing and protection. Outdoor systems have casings that protect against extreme weather changes, such as snow, wind and heat, to guarantee they work efficiently, while indoor lights don’t.
What are the benefits of outdoor agriculture LED lights?
Outdoor commercial LED lights offer very similar benefits to indoor LED lights, such as lower utility bills, reduced carbon emissions, less waste from the disposal of burnt-out bulbs and more savings. There is also the aesthetic appeal of LED lights, which with flexible colours and tones, allows for greater atmospheric changes.
What about maintaining LED lighting systems?
Thanks to the durability of the lights itself, coupled with the high-quality solutions we provide, maintaining your LED lighting systems is easy and simple. Minimal effort is required, barring annual electricity checks. Enjoy a safer, more durable lighting system with us.

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