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Retrofitting: The Smarter Way For Your Business

Retrofitting is often done during renovations or when upgrading a space to improve aesthetic and/or energy efficiency. Existing fixtures that are in good working order can have the traditional lighting replaced with and LED counterpart. Many settings like Schools, Offices, Retail and Medical facilities currently use fluorescent tube lighting, which can be retrofitted with an LED tube. Switch Lighting recommends bypassing the ballast in these traditional fixtures, which reduces the power consumption and minimizes additional components that could fail.






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Retrofit vs New Fixtures: Which to Choose?

As a business owner many decisions can be assisted by a pros and cons list. The comparison between retrofitting an existing fixture or installing a new fixture has its own positive and negative options. Retrofitting is often the more cost-effective measure, in the short term that is, with the up-front costs being lower. However, it’s important to take into consideration the age and condition of the existing fixture prior to installing a retrofit option. If the fixture fails in less time than the replacement product, it’s best to replace the entire fixture initially. New Fixtures can also offer a better aesthetic impression, so if the idea is to improve the space’s overall appearance, this may be the better option.


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Who Are We?

We provide our clients with customized products and value

Switch Lighting is committed to bringing our clients high-quality products and value, alongside personalized customer care. We can provide our clients with such a high standard of work thanks to our ability to directly access facilities that manufacture LED lights. With this foundation, we can design, develop and manufacture customized commercial LED lighting solutions strictly for your business requirements and requests. Our numbers, including customer served and money saved, highlight that our method works for various industries across Western Canada. When it comes to a team that has a history of excellence behind them, choose the experts at Switch Lighting.


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The Future of Retrofitting LED Lights

The LED retrofit market is expected to record its highest compound annual growth rate by 2027, meaning the market for this type of product is set to explode in the coming years. Carbon footprint reduction, cost savings and decreased energy consumption are all major factors of why companies may decide to take action with their lighting. Retrofitting installations are less disruptive than full fixture overhauls, and provide the same lighting benefits.

Frequently Asked

While there are no major differences between the lights, there is a substantial difference in the quality of the casing and protection. Outdoor systems have casings that protect against extreme weather changes, such as snow, wind and heat, to guarantee they work efficiently, while indoor lights don’t.
Outdoor commercial LED lights offer very similar benefits to indoor LED lights, such as lower utility bills, reduced carbon emissions, less waste from the disposal of burnt-out bulbs and more savings. There is also the aesthetic appeal of LED lights, which with flexible colours and tones, allows for greater atmospheric changes.
Thanks to the durability of the lights itself, coupled with the high-quality solutions we provide, maintaining your LED lighting systems is easy and simple. Minimal effort is required, barring annual electricity checks. Enjoy a safer, more durable lighting system with us.

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